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The Koma Kulshan chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society is run by an all-volunteer board, which meets on an as-needed basis.

Chapter Chair

Allan Richardson 360.733.5477 email:

Vice Chair

Lyle Anderson 360-739-9249 email:


Katrina Poppe: 360.303.7806  email:


Jim Kling  360.671.1156  email:


Angela Nelson  360.303.5628  email:

Program Committee

Katrina Poppe  360.303.7806  email:
Jim Kling 360.671.1156 email:
Jazmen Yoder 360-927-9895 email:

Field Trip Coordinator

Eric Worden 360-778-3542 email:

Grants Committee Chair

Barry Wendling 360-393-9181 email:

Publicity Chair

Jazmen Yoder 360-927-9895 email:

Backyard Habitat Liaison

Molly Porter  360.714.0781  email:

Greenhouse Chair

Wendy Scherrer email:

State Board Representatives

Mark Turner (at large)  360-671.6851  email: