Koma Kulshan Chapter WNPS Stewardship Committee

Stimpson Family Nature Preserve

The Koma Kulshan Chapter board decided in June to form a stewardship committee to guide future stewardship classes, on-going training for native plant stewards, and other stewardship activities. A first meeting will be held later this summer to work on plans for a possible class in 2021. Jim Kling and Janet Murray have offered to serve on the committee, and other volunteers are needed. Allan Richardson will coordinate efforts, at least the beginning. Please contact Allan at if you would like to join the group or have any questions. More details about the committee follow:


Native plant stewardship is the care, protection, and responsible use of native plants and the habitats where they grow, and the enhancement and restoration of those habitats. Stewardship activities include the following: protection of natural areas from destruction and damage; public education regarding the value of native plants and natural habitats, and the need for their care, protection, and responsible use; removal of invasive species; restoration of degraded areas to a more natural state; improving the habitat value of areas of mixed native and non-native vegetation.


  1. Planning and oversight of native plant stewardship courses offered through WNPS.
  2. Provide and support on-going training for native plant stewards.


  1. Plan and coordinate work parties that focus on native plants and habitats.
  2. Adopt a natural area or areas for on-going stewardship overseen by Koma Kulshan WNPS.
  3. Assist other organizations in their stewardship work. For example, completing botanical surveys and plant lists for Whatcom Land Trust properties.
  4. Establish and coordinate a cadre of Gardening with Natives (GN) advisors. GN advisors would be available to give tips on how to successfully grow different native species on a volunteer basis.