Grants and Scholarships

Koma Kulshan Chapter Grants Program

The Koma Kulshan Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society is soliciting grant requests to fund projects consistent with the Society’s mission to promote the appreciation and conservation of Washington’s native plants and their habitats. Potential project categories to be funded include research, conservation, and education but the chapter may entertain other plant related projects of interest.

Preference may be given to locally relevant projects and first time recipients or projects. Proposals involving Koma Kulshan chapter members are encouraged.

A condition of the grant award is that upon completion of the project or fulfillment of the work outlined in the proposal, the chapter will receive a written report (minimum length 500 words) suitable for inclusion in the chapter’s quarterly newsletter.

Proposals will be reviewed by the chapter’s Grants and Scholarships Committee for appropriateness to the society’s mission, feasibility, applicants’ ability to accomplish project goals, and contribution to knowledge of Washington’s native flora.

The number of awards given per granting period will depend on the number of quality proposals submitted and available funding. Awards will typically not exceed $500.00, but larger amounts may be considered. Where appropriate, we encourage applicants to provide a tiered budget.

For best consideration proposals should be received by March 1st. Award decisions will be announced by April 1st of the same year. Any remaining funds may be dispersed on a case by case basis beyond the grant deadline. Typically, half of the award will be provided up front, with the balance paid upon submission and acceptance of the project report.

Proposal Guidelines

Grant recipients are to be members of the Society (you may join conditional to the receipt of the grant).

Applicants will provide a written proposal but may also include in-person or video presentations, site visits, and other methods which best convey a projects’ value. The written proposal shall not exceed five pages and must contain:

  1. a project description including objectives, projected outcomes, and significance
  2. methods, including project location(s), techniques or experimental design, and data collection and analysis, if appropriate
  3. expected overall project duration and/or duration of portion of project to be funded
  4. an itemized budget, tiered approach recommended, identifying how funds will be spent
  5. expected products, including project report, and
  6. the applicants’ resume.

For more information and to submit grant proposals, contact Grants and Scholarships committee chair, Barry Wendling by email at Barry.Wendling(at) or by phone at 360-671-8403.

Koma Kulshan Scholarships

The Koma Kulshan chapter of the WNPS is committed to offering scholarships to defray costs to attend events such as WNPS Study Weekends, Botany Washington, scientific conferences, and other workshops. Scholarship applications should include:

  • Event title and description
  • location
  • date(s) of event
  • event costs you would like covered, and
  • 2 paragraphs on reasons why you would like to attend the event and what you hope to gain from the experience.

A condition of the award is a brief note written after the event to the committee outlining your experience; please include both positive and negative aspects as appropriate.

Typical awards have been about $250.00. Any person with an interest in expanding their knowledge of Washington’s native plants are eligible to apply. Applicants must be members of the Koma Kulshan chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society but may join on condition of award (scholarship money may be used for membership fees). Applications are accepted throughout the year, however please allow sufficient time for review of your request and consider the registration timeline of the event. To apply send an email with the requested application information to Grants and Scholarships committee members Barry Wendling, Barry.Wendling (at) and Ellen Kuhlmann