Welcome to Koma Kulshan WNPS

Vanilla Leaf
Vanilla Leaf (Achlys triphylla)

The Koma Kulshan chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society invites you to join us as we explore the diversity of plants that live in our corner of the Pacific Northwest. From tidewater to the summit of lofty Mt. Baker, we have many habitats and microclimates that support diverse species — some common and some so rare you’re unlikely to find them without a guide.

Our home territory is Whatcom County, but our chapter meetings and field trips often take us farther afield.

If you have any interest in the plants that grow all around us, please join us. Our meetings and field trips are free and generally open to the public (with very few exceptions). Of course, if you come along a couple of times and find us friendly and the subject interesting we hope you’ll join. Get membership and online payment details on the Washington Native Plant Society state website. Be sure to choose Koma Kulshan as your chapter.

Spending time outside, by yourself or with small groups, is a good way to help maintain your health and sanity during these chaotic and confusing times. Our chapter field trips are back now that covid isn’t cancelling nearly everything.

Looking for lists of plants to help you identify what you see along the trail? Grab a plant list from the state WNPS website and make your own trip. There are lots of places to explore for native flora here in Whatcom County.

Introductory Native Plant Walks

Join Koma Kulshan chapter botanists for fun, family-friendly introductory native plant walks at several local parks and learn some of our common native plants. The walks are free, no sign up required, and take just a couple of hours each on easy trails. Get all the details on the Introductory Plant Walks page.

Chapter E-mail Announcement list

Our chapter has a low-traffic groups.io e-mail list for reminders about upcoming meetings and field trips. To subscribe, send a blank email to wnps-koma+subscribe@groups.io. You’ll be sent a confirmation email from the group. Reply to the confirmation email to activate your subscription. You can always unsubscribe if you find it is not what you want. Or, send list manager Mark Turner an e-mail requesting to join the group.